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Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon

Agnes and the Butterfly Dragon is a gripping story of bravery, empathy, and enduring friendship. When Agnes convinces her best friends to walk through a dark and scary forest, she doesn’t imagine the day would end up like it does. As her friends run away and as she is left alone in the forboding forest, can Agnes overcome her fear to help something helpless and fragile?
Softcover | 34 pages | Trim size: 8.5 x 11 in

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dragon and little girl
dragon and girl
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Agnes and the Mermaid Queen

In this second book about Agnes the Adventurer, Agnes finds herself helping a beautiful mermaid queen rescue her mermaids from the clutches of a terrible one-eyed pirate. Beautifully illustrated, it’s an exciting read for all the adventurers in your family! Available in softcover and hardcover editions.
40 pages | Trim size: 8.5 x 11 in
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dragon and lightning
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Talking About the Books

I loved the illustrations and the imagination and the adventure. I especially loved the curiousity and Agnes’ strength to do what she wanted.

I really like that the story isn’t focused on Agnes actually saving the mermaids, but rather having the courage to TRY to save them and face the pirate captain. The Agnes stories are great in that they promote courage while still acknowledging that fear is still there. That makes the story, and the character of Agnes, a person the reader can actually relate to. Everyone has fear; it's what Agnes does despite her fear… and maybe this can inspire the reader to believe that they are as capable as Agnes.

"My friend gave me this book for my two year old twins and they absolutely love it. The illustrations and longer text are perfect for transitioning away from the smaller, easier books. My daughter wanted to take “Agnes” with her when she had to go to the doctor last month. Excellent book! Looking forward to the next one.
Twin Mom

"What an amazing book for children ! I loved the illustrations and the story line! Highly recommend!"

"What a great story about a brave and adventurous girl! Such great lessons set in a fantastic world. Desilva’s artwork provides a gorgeous backdrop for some inspirational story telling. A great gift for any young person!"

"It truly is a beautifully written book, and the illustrations are spectacular ! The message is such a wonderful breath of fresh air for children, and adults.  It’s such an important, yet gentle reminder." 



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