Raising Daughters

The saying goes “You’re never really ready to have kids.” You make the decision and spend the rest of your life making sure you stick to that commitment. As a parent to two girls, I’m finding that the biggest “rule” I need for myself is to exercise patience, patience and more patience. As most parents are, I’m constantly bombarded with commitment. Not just in my personal, business and household lives, but the additional task of caring for kids super imposes itself above other responsibilities, and I’m constantly looking for more time to try to do everything.

With my two girls, I know the bond between us needs to be strong. Being their dad, I need to make sure that they trust me, and they’re able to confide in me, and share with me. So in order to make that happen, patience is key. Whether they’re asking me twenty times to do something, or asking questions non-stop, or one of the most aggravating things — not listening to what I’m saying, I know I need to take a deep breath and have patience first and foremost. Not an easy thing, but I’m working on it!

One of the things I tell myself is that this is temporary. Before I know it, the girls will be grown up, and won’t defer to their dad anymore. So I know I need to take each day at a time and involve myself with their lives. I need to nurture confident, fearless and empathetic girls. I hope I’m on the right track.


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