Linda Martin: Author, Artist

Linda Martin’s book, “When Dinosaurs Go Visiting” is one of my daughter’s all time favorite books. First of all, the artwork is incredible. The pages are bursting with color and action. Painted in soft watercolors, the artwork does a great job of complementing the text. Detailed in description, yet remaining simplistic in form, Linda’s artwork firmly establishes her as a great artist.

The story also keeps in perfect form. No matter how many times you read it, you never get tired of reading it aloud (anyone with young kids will understand that they always demand a book be read at least 300 times). The story is presented in poetry format, and tells the story of a dinosaur family getting ready for a day out visiting friends. Linda also has a second book in this series titled “When Dinosaurs Go To School.”

As an artist and author, Linda is one of those creatives that believes in putting out her best work. For a new project that she’s working on, Linda goes out into the field for research, and spends countless hours drawing and painting roughs until she is satisfied with the final result. I, for one, can’t wait for her new work!

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